The Gardenin' Angels Welcome you!

Walk the paths of the Paradise Memorial Garden in memory of a loved one

Welcome! We invite you to take a walk through our garden...

Truly, this is God’s Garden. It was planned and started in the fall of 2001 and has “grown up and blossomed”. Even with God’s help and the Gardenin’ Angels, it is hard to believe that the Pueblo West prairie could produce such a lovely place to visit. Honoring the memory of a friend or relative with an engraved stone, tree, bush, bench or other wonderful items has created a beautiful and useful garden. The Paradise Garden is a pleasant place to visit.  One of the pathways has Bible verses along the way.  Walk the new addition of a Labyrinth.  Sit on one of the many benches throughout the Garden.  Meditate, be still and watch the birds and butterflies.  Stay awhile and enjoy the peaceful garden. 

Enter by the green Paradise sign and follow to the end of the parking lot.  There is no admission.  It is free to the community to enjoy.

Explore both our Garden and our Website! 

Just living is not enough.

One must have sunshine, 

freedom and a little flower.

Hans Christian Anderson

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